Quentin Guilloteau

PhD Student in Computer Science
Univ. Grenoble Alpes

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Internship: Alstom

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From July 2nd 2018 to August 24th 2018


Alstom (in La Rochelle, France). With the Material center.


Eric Marc (Head of the material center, Alstom La Rochelle)


The team uses the Bill of Materials of the train, which comes as an Excel file and describes every piece of the train, and extract from it, mostly by hand, the data it needs. The goal of this internship was to automize and accelerate the data processing of the team.


My role, during this internship, was to write a user-friendly tool to allow the team to process large amount of data faster than before.


I wrote a set of VBA macros that reduced the processing time of the Bill of Materials by 10. These macros are now used in several Alstom’s site. I also automized several tasks that were previously done by hand, like file generation and data management from suppliers.